Online ESL Teacher

Micayla Weber

I wake up early in the morning to teach English as a second language to children in China. This type of job is perfect for me because I am able to finish work before my own four children wake up. After work, I can have the rest of the day to home-school my children, and to bring them to their various sports and activities. One of my children is autistic, and my being home eliminates the need to have to pay for child care.

Why I’m so worried about S863 (formerly S4204/A5936): This bill will take away my income, which will take away my ability to pay for my children’s karate, gymnastics and various other activities. It will take away our vacation funds, and funds we spend on home-school field trips. As a home-school mom, I know these extracurricular activities are very important to my children’s development.

What I want lawmakers to know: Independent contractors like the freedoms we have to set our own schedules, and to be our own boss. We do not want to be employees. We are grown adults who have chosen this line of work. If we wanted a traditional job, we would have chosen one.