Editor, Proofreader

Vivian Fransen

I am a self-employed editor and proofreader, and this package of bills in its current form will kill my business model and force me to move out of New Jersey.

After three downsizings, I’ve found more work security in having a dozen clients who use my services on an as-needed basis, instead of having only one employer. I am not some sort of free-spirit moonlighter; this is how I make a living so I can afford to live in New Jersey.

What S863 (formerly S4204/A5936) will do to me: Discourage clients from using my services as a pair of fresh proofreading eyes for their documents. My clients do business with me precisely because I offer flexibility to work on an as-needed basis, and because I’m not part of their head count. I am in compliance with all laws now in effect and pay all required taxes in a timely manner. By the way, I also pay out-of-pocket for my health care insurance coverage for a two-person household. There is no free ride for me as an independent contractor and LLC.

How this legislation makes me feel: I’m worried sick about the impact of this fast-tracked legislation without adequate attention to those of us working as independent contractors who are already paying all required taxes in a timely manner, and who make enough income so we can afford to live in New Jersey.

Please let me continue to work as a self-employed editor and proofreader