Furniture assembly, Residential home inspector

Adam Tate

I own a furniture assembly business and work as a residential home inspector. I enjoy being an independent contractor in these lines of work because I have lots of flexibility with my time and income.

If S863 (formerly S4204/A5936) becomes law: I will lose the financial benefits of my independent contractor work. I will be forced to become a full-time employee in the home-inspection business, and I’ll likely lose the office-type projects that are usually larger and more lucrative for people like me. I’ll end up making less money. How is that protecting workers?

What I want lawmakers to know: I think that legislation to help exploited, misclassified workers is great, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead of writing a law that assumes we are all employees until proven otherwise, create an opt-out clause for independent contractors who have chosen this way of working, and who are not being exploited. I am not the same as a misclassified worker. We should not be in the same pool. People like me should have a way to opt out.