Grant writer, Medical education writer, Professor

Patricia Gellasch

I was a bedside nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit. I continued my education and became a family nurse practitioner. From there, I decided to branch out and get involved in medical education, writing grants and CME/CE content. I worked full-time for a company, traveling more than three hours a day to its office in North Jersey. That got old. I returned to clinical practice and started freelancing a little each month in the CME/CE industry.

When I had my second child, I decided to focus just on freelancing and working only one day per week in clinical practice. The choice gave me the flexibility to be at home with my two children. I slowly built a business that started out grossing $12,000 per year in 2009. Today, I earn six figures.

And, to make sure I never had to go back to clinical practice, I pursued my Ph.D. in nursing education and research. I also work adjunct at The College of New Jersey as a professor, but I can’t do that full time because I won’t make enough money to support my family.

Why I want to remain an independent contractor: I enjoy the freedom. I am a mom of two kids and need the autonomy. I also have an illness, and this type of work helps me maintain full-time employment on my own time.