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“Legislators need to protect the smallest of New Jersey’s small businesses,” published by NJ.com

“Independent contractors question proposed bill that only protects golf caddies,” published by News12 New Jersey

Golf caddies could get independent contractor status under new measure,” published by the New Jersey Monitor

“Poll shows overwhelming support in N.J. for app-based drivers remaining as independent contractors,” published by the New Jersey Globe

“Reclassifying gig workers is a bad idea,” published by the Asbury Park Press

“I Don’t Want To Be Anybody’s Employee,” published by Reason

“Is Anyone Actually Editing The New York Times Editorial Page?” published by DailyKos

“Independent contractors: NJ labor commissioner must end war against the self-employed,” published by the Asbury Park Press

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“Live music will all but stop if independent contractor bill passes,” published by the Asbury Park Press

“N.J.’s Labor Department is promoting a sham survey. Beware the results,” published by the Star-Ledger

“Will New Jersey be a leader or a lemming in labor law?” published by The Asbury Park Press

“The NJ independent contractor bill is back, and Gov. Murphy needs to put his money where his mouth is,” published by The Trentonian

“New Jersey laws will make it harder for small businesses to use independent contractors,” published by the Philadelphia Inquirer

“Freelancers should watch out for backroom deals in Trenton,” published by the Star-Ledger

“Anyone who does ‘side work’ should beware. The gig economy bill is back,” published by the Star-Ledger

“My full-time job is being a mother, my second is cleaning houses. N.J. please keep it that way,” published by the Star-Ledger

“New Jersey bills to limit freelance contractors reflect un-American trend,” published by the Philadelphia Inquirer

“Thank goodness the ‘gig worker’ bill was put on hold, freelancer says,” published by the Star-Ledger

“Contentious N.J. independent contractors bill won’t get vote before session ends next week,” published by the Star-Ledger

Why Labor Legislation Has Me Smashing Tile in My Garage,” published by Daily Kos

“The lives of hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans are about to be destroyed,” published by the Trentonian

“Laws to protect Uber drivers could put freelance journalists out of business,” published by The Washington Post

“Freelancers unite to fight New Jersey bill that may devastate their livelihood,” published by CNBC

“Could new laws designed to protect gig workers actually hurt them?” published by USA Today

“Independent contractors bill doesn’t work — and independent contractors know it,” published by ROI

“Freelancers and Gig Workers Don’t Need Lawmakers to Help Them Out of a Job,” published by The Federalist

“New Laws Could Have Devastating Effects for Some Work-From-Home Parents,” published by Parents magazine and Yahoo! News

“A new year, and the same fight over independent contractors,” published by The Trentonian

“Debate to continue over NJ bill rewriting rules for freelance workers, contractors,” published by the Star-Ledger

“I’m fighting back against laws that could shut down my freelance business,” published by Fast Company

“New Jersey’s owner-operator law in limbo for now, but risk remains,” published by Freight Waves

“As it turns out, things are already terrible for some N.J. freelancers,” published by the Trentonian

“Forget the independent contractor bill; the whole law should be tossed,” published by the Trentonian

“Independent contractors, your jobs might be at risk,” published by the Trentonian

“Hey, Jersey, leave the independent contractors alone,” published by NJ101.5

“More Changes Possible in Fight over Independent Contractor Bill,” published by NJ101.5

“Controversy swirls around NJ bill that seeks to curb misuse of independent contractors,” published by NorthJersey.com

“New Jersey May Not Go Down Same Road As California With Gig Worker Proposal,” published by Lexology

“New Jersey’s independent workers need to keep their independence,” published by NorthJersey.com

“Sneaky politicians trying to make NJ’s economy worse,” published by NJ101.5

Radio: “Jeff Edelstein on NJ’s Fight Against The Gig Economy,” aired by 1210WPHT

“In an attempt to improve the gig economy, lawmakers may ruin my career, freelancer says,” published by the Star-Ledger

“I’m hoping Sweeney’s soon-to-be amended labor bill won’t ruin my business, writer says,” published by the Star-Ledger

“California’s New Labor Law is Killing Business – NJ is About to do the Same,” published by Tap Into Westfield

“Murphy Administration Tries to Shut Down Gig Economy in New Jersey,” published by The Ridgewood Blog

“Independent contractor bill example of law of unintended consequences,” published by the Asbury Park Press

“If New Jersey worker bill passes, I may need to move to continue my freelance career,” published by the Philadelphia Inquirer

“NJ ‘Anti-Independent Contractor’ Bill Would Damage Livelihoods,” published by The Village Green of Maplewood and South Orange

“Legislature poised to increase pay gap, crush flexibility for working moms,” published by NJBiz

“NJ Independent Contractors Take on Bill That Would Decimate Their Businesses,” published by Insider NJ

“Bill to protect N.J. gig workers advances, but freelancers still worried,” published by the Star-Ledger

“Independent contractors bill creates confusion in gig economy,” published by the New Jersey Herald

“Freelancers say N.J. independent contractor bill will still cost them work,” published by WBGO

“Bills Aimed at Employees Is Another NJ State Money Grab,” published by the Westfield Leader (print only, see image)

“Being an independent contractor helped me gain security, Lyft driver says. N.J. bill threatens it,” published by the Star-Ledger

“Advisors Could Face Challenges With Pending Independent Contractor Laws,” published by Financial Advisor magazine

Say It Ain’t So!—NJ Moves to Tighten Up Already Strangling A-B-C Test for Independent Contractors,” published by Fox Rothschild attorneys at law

“Freelancer Explains Why NJ’s Misclassification Bill is a Bad Deal,” published by the New Jersey Business and Industry Association

“Tweeting at Teamsters to Save My Business,” published on LinkedIn

“Dude, I’m like, totally with you now,” published on Understandably

“Proposed New Jersey legislation threatens independent contractors,” published by the Washington Examiner

“Now New Jersey’s Thinking About a Bill That Will Punish the Self-Employed,” published by Inc.

“New Jersey Takes a Swipe at the Gig Economy With New Independent Contractor Bill,” published by Reason

“New Jersey truckers alarmed by California-like gig economy measure,” published by Fox Business

“Letter opposing New Jersey Senate Bill S. 4204,” published by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

“New Jersey Bill Would Codify a Stricter Version of ABC Test for Determining Independent Contractor Status,” published by the National Law Review

“New Jersey Bill Creating Presumption of Employment for Independent Contractors Could Decimate the State’s Gig Economy,” published by Ford Harrison

“Bill could reclassify thousands of NJ’s independent contractors,” published by NJBiz

Kean Calls on Murphy Admin to End Attacks on Freelancers & the Media,” published by New Jersey Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean

“Independent Contractor Bill Will Take Away Worker’s Choices,” published by New Jersey Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean

Bucco Vows to Fight for Independent Contractors,” published by New Jersey Senator Anthony Bucco, R-25

“DiMaso Calls Independent Contractor Bill Economically Devastating,” published by New Jersey Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso, R-Monmouth