California Chaos

New Jersey’s S863 (formerly S4204/A5936) is similar to California’s AB5, which took effect there January 1, 2020.

Numerous federal lawsuits have already been filed against the State of California, arguing that its version of the law violates Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution (contracts), as well as the 1st Amendment (free speech), 9th Amendment (rights retained by the people) and 14th Amendment (equal protection under the law). On Dec. 31, 2019, a federal judge granted a temporary restraining order to stop enforcement of AB5 in the trucking industry. On January 8, 2020, a judge ruled that AB5 cannot be applied to the trucking industry.

Similar lawsuits will follow in New Jersey if lawmakers continue down the same misguided path.

The articles below are about just some of the chaos happening across all kinds of industries in California right now. Proponents of these laws say they target bad actors to stop worker misclassification; in reality, this overly broad legislation is what one California resident described this way: “Killing cockroaches with a cannon.”

“Superintendents Are Bracing for AB 5’s Impact in Schools,” published by Voice of San Diego

“Caddies at a Crossroads: How a new law is shaking the foundations of California’s looper culture,” published by

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“AB-5 (The Law Eviscerating California Employers’ Ability To Hire Contractors) Is Still Alive And Well,” published by JD Supra