Press Releases

December 13, 2021

Lawmakers Who Wrote This Lame-Duck Bill Need a Mulligan

September 3, 2021

Jack Ciattarelli is Right: New Jersey Must Abandon the ABC Test

June 21, 2021

Creators of Fight For Freelancers New Jersey Honored with Exceptional Service Award

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July 15, 2020:

Podcast: How N.J. Senate Bill 863 Would Harm People in More than 300 Careers

June 1, 2020:

New Jersey Unemployment Myths and Delays Persist: Fight For Freelancers New Jersey sets the record straight on Unemployment Insurance and the NJ Labor Department’s Senseless Roadblock to Pandemic Aid

March 16, 2020:

How the ABC Test Threatens Income, Tax Deductions and Savings at a Time When We Need Them Most

March 11, 2020:

How the ABC Test Threatens Copyright Use that Dates Back to Our Nation’s Founding Fathers

March 9, 2020:

How C-Prong of the ABC Test Devastates Youth Sports, Start-Ups, and Side Hustles

March 4, 2020:

How B-Prong of the ABC Test in S863 Destroys Careers of Freelance Writers, Journalists and Musicians

March 2, 2020:

How A-Prong of the ABC Test in S863 Destroys Musician Careers; Harms Orchestras, School Theaters, Live Concerts and More

February 26, 2020:

Anti-Independent Contractor Bill S863 Would Unleash Chaos of California’s AB5
on the Entire New Jersey Workforce

February 24, 2020:

Anti-Independent Contractor Bill S863 Would Force Older, Female and Marginalized Workers Back into Toxic Workplaces: Fight for Freelancers New Jersey launches third video in anti-S863 series

February 20, 2020:

Video Shows How Anti-Independent Contractor Bill S863 Would Harm Working Moms, Caregivers, and People with Disabilities

February 18, 2020:

Fight For Freelancers USA Launches Video Campaign about S863, Starting with How It Would Hurt Income

February 7, 2020:

U.S. House of Representatives Passes PRO Act, Set to Devastate Independent Contracting and Small Businesses Nationwide

February 3, 2020:

Anti-Independent Contractor Law AB5 Is Not Working in California; Other States and Congress Must Avoid the Same Devastating Mistake

January 8, 2020:

Fight for Freelancers Commends NJ Lawmakers for Stopping S4204/A5936

January 7, 2020:

An Open Letter to Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez

January 2, 2020:

Entrepreneurs Unite vs. Democrat-Backed Legislation that Attacks Careers of Women, Mothers Who Choose to Work for Themselves

December 17, 2019:

New Federal Lawsuit Says Anti-Independent Contractor Law Unconstitutional

December 11, 2019:

The Impact of Independent Contractor Legislation on Freelance Writers