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How the ABC Test Threatens Income, Tax Deductions and Savings at a Time When Independent Contractors Need Them Most

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How the ABC Test Threatens Copyright Use that Dates Back to Our Nation’s Founding Fathers

S863’s ABC Test: How Prong C of the ABC Test Devastates Youth Sports, Start-Ups and Side Hustles

S863’s ABC Test: How Prong B of the ABC Test Can Wreck a Freelance Writer’s Career

S863’s ABC Test: How Prong A of the ABC Test Destroys Careers of Musicians

S863 Would Unleash Chaos of California’s AB5 on the Entire New Jersey Workforce

S863 would force older, female and marginalized people back into toxic workplaces

S863 would eliminate flexible work options for moms, caregivers and the disabled

S863 would destroy income in professions where the majority of people are self-employed

VOTE NO on NJ S863 and the outdated ABC Test

VOTE YES for the modern IRS Test